Donate to Help Create a Place Accessible to ALL Who Need a Lift of Spirits

Anything is possible when you believe it is; including becoming a catalyst for change in our communities.

Please help our effort to empower others to reach their full potentiality and find support in times of need. Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to spread the word, formalize programs, launch healing centers, purchase supplies, host events, develop speaking/community engagements, expand the Huddles group, and create strategies that will perpetuate income. This initiative is something we can’t afford NOT to do. Related: By the Numbers

Help us by donating or raising money to donate.

We appreciate any donation you can give. If you are able to provide monthly recurring gifts, those will allow us to create a clearer budget for future planning.

Donations are fully tax-deductible. Donations are gathered via a secure third-party provider (PayPal)  away from this website.

Help us by sharing our crowdfunding campaigns.

If just 10 people shared with their 500 social contacts, we will reach the masses. Click the button to view and share, or copy/paste the URL into your social feeds. The messages are the same, but we have chosen two platforms for this effort.

Donate your time.

If you cannot donate, please consider donating your time. A volunteer base of willing and committed individuals can move mountains.


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