Every author proclaims their book is ‘ a labor of love.’  I’m no different. In the most literal translation, love was reborn within me as I searched my soul to write the words on these pages. Love for life, and for the Force that gives it to us. I wrote this book hoping that the stories I shared will bring forth a rebirth of love for you, the reader, as well—and a reigniting of what is already nestled comfortable within your spirit. We sometimes get a little buried under the weight of our day-to-day, and forget that everything we need to reach our highest potential is already inside of us. This book shares the story of the seasons in my own life that taught me this and many other valuable lessons, such as:

♦  The only thing we can control is how we choose to respond to the things that we cannot.
♦  When we are intentionally grateful and positive with our thoughts, we will find ourselves empowered in ways we didn’t know possible. Ways that transcend human explanation.
♦  We have access to an endless supply of strength and grace when we source from something beyond ourselves.
♦  Love can move mountains. The kind of love that I am talking about is the kind that wishes well for another. This energy is more powerful than fear, judgment, and hatred.
♦  The life-force…divine universal energy…source…that we have named, (God, Abba, Elohim, YHWH, Jehovah, and more) is intertwined into our very being. It is our truest essence—accessible upon our choosing to believe that it is.

Beginning January 2018, my book is available in paperback ($15.99— usually ships in two days) and digital download ($5.99) on Amazon.

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