We’re starting you here because we want you to understand the heart behind the mission.



Hello, my name is Keryl and I’m the originator of this initiative. For all of my adult life and until recently, I have existed in the for-profit environment; working with the sales and marketing teams of organizations to ensure strong business growth and achievement of goals. I found a high level of success in this area; first as an employee of a corporation, and later as an entrepreneur. But after many years, I could no longer deny that something was missing — the Spirit within me was pressing for me to use my business expertise for a greater purpose; one that would serve in community. It was then that I became involved in nonprofit development. Almost immediately, I found myself witnessing something repeatedly as I interacted with individuals making their way back to wholeness. I saw that the rejuvenation of their spirits did not occur from the acts of receiving clothing, food, or the basic life necessities. Rather, it was when they received affirmation of their worth as a person — and BELIEVED it.  Time and time again, I saw this trend. It was then I knew that I wanted to contribute to communities that helped an individual tap into their Divine Self and teach them that, no matter their circumstances,  they have an endless supply of hope and strength. With God at my keyboard, I applied for my 501(c)(3) with the IRS in mid 2015. 

In Dec. 2015, I found myself in discussion with a homeless shelter in midtown Atlanta regarding a part-time shelter manager position. I saw this as an opportunity to engage more deeply with those experiencing homelessness and gain insight the events that led them there. In no time, I was interviewing — not for a part-time shelter manager position, but for the role of Executive Director. My 501(c)(3) application was approved between interview 2 and the job offer. I confess that I stood at a crossroad and I didn’t know which way to look. So I looked inside and heeded the whisper of the Voice within.

I put my newly formed nonprofit on the back burner in January 2016 to say yes to the shelter. Unfortunately, I was unable to resurrect the struggling shelter and the decision was made to close its doors. However, the relationships I made remain with me and have become an integral part of what followed that season. In mid first quarter 2017, I made my way back to  earnestly launching the mission of Storia Group.

Our first initiative is launching Summer 2017 and we are excited to be announcing it soon.

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Many blessings,
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