Many individuals seek a safe place to retreat for a while to refuel from the every day pressures of life; while others need a community to surround them through a transitional period in their lives. Unfortunately for many, spas and retreats are too time-consuming, costly, or both.


Where does a person go?

We are introducing the concept behind a new resource being planned– Light to Heal.  Click the tabs to learn more.


What It Offers

Have you ever walked into a place and the energy that embraced you immediately relaxed you?  For me, personally, this happens in stores that sell crystal lamps or water fountains, in historical homes or cathedrals, and in places where nature is prominently displayed.

This is the feeling we will strive to emulate with Light to Heal.

The Format

The concept and the components of this healing center are not complex. All components will exist under one roof and a person will navigate to each depending on their unique need. The greatest differentiator is that we will strive to make this accessible to all; and it will be run BY community, FOR community.

What It Offers

A place to share stories, form bonds, and gain support.

A community to help remind you that everything you need to thrive in this world is already within you.

An opportunity to be involved in small groups we are calling “huddles”

The Format

Trained or certified facilitator. No labels. No prescriptions. No one-size-fits-all program.

Some huddles may take place in a room, others on a hiking trail.  This will be determined by those who know what they need and it is different for everyone. No two people respond the same and it is important to find what works for each.

An actively-involved community will engage from both a facilitation and participant standpoint

What it Offers

When we say “I get the best vibe” from that person, we are speaking of their energy.  Energy is what has our spirits up, or our spirits down. “Up” is when our energy is vibrating at a higher level and “down” is when its vibrating at a lower level. There is nothing mystical abut this  – it is who we are.  What may be perceived as mystical about it, is that is is unseen. However, it is universally felt. When we get a massage, we can feel the energy moving through our body. The same with yoga.  Energy healing is another way to help open the energy channels for the flow of healthy energy and to increase the level of vibration.

Two Formats

1. Consultation
2. Energy healing performed

All individuals must have consultation prior to energy healing.

Healing will be performed by trained individuals.

Does not require Reiki certification. Light to Heal will provide training as it is our belief that every individual can connect with the Life Force energy in our world.

What It Offers

Water is commonly referred to as “Nature’s Prozac.” It calms frayed nerves, and it soothes a spirit. The waterfall room will be designed to allow a person to find peace without resorting to medication or substance.

The Format

A room, with a real water feature, that emulates sitting by a waterfall. A silent room with no technology and no talking. Headphones will be permitted if a person desires guided meditation, music, or other.

What It Offers

Interacting with nature has long been considered therapeutic as it engages all of our senses: smell, touch, sounds, mindfulness, and physicality. It involves nurturing and accountability to living things.

The Format

Created by the community and for the community. Each location will have an area for gardening. The community can design a garden, nurture it, and watch it grow. We will create garden art. Lay stones and pebbles to create pathways.  We will grow herbs for the Healing Center and vegetables for community members in need.

What It Offers

Creative Healing is a venue that allows for the expression of emotion through art

Two Formats:

Self-guided in a crafts room with adult coloring books, paints, and other creative material including garden objects for community garden

Professionally-guided with a volunteer art therapist on scheduled days

What It Offers

Nothing heals faster than giving back. Light to Heal will align with volunteer groups to give back to community members in need.

The Format

A community engagement specialist will coordinate with volunteer groups and organizations to give back to community members in need

Court-ordered community hours will be applicable for engagements.

What it Offers

Removes energy blocks.

Eases tension.

Removes muscle tension and toxins.

Soothes and calms.

Improves health.

The Format

Scheduled appointments by volunteer massage therapists

Room and ambiance will be provided

What it Offers

Helps a person to center themselves, open energy channels, and connect to the Divine Energy. Strengthens body. Strengthens the spirit. Clears the mind.

Two formats:

Scheduled classes by volunteer yoga master.

Off-schedule availability for individuals to self-guide

What it Offers

Stress-release, energy healing, rewires the brain to a place of calm, improves health

The Format

Self or guided. If guided, participants will wear headphones similar to format of self-guided tours at nature attractions. Links will be provided to guided meditation created by Light to Heal. The environment will be provided.

Sessions in 30 min increments.

What It Offers

Refuge from the noise around you and in your head. A place to connect with the Divine Energy of the Universe.

The Format

A small, private area for 1-3 friends or family members to gather for silence. A place to sit and be still. Candles will be provided. Technology or shoes are not permitted.

What It Offers

Using a chain-link model, Light to Heal will align with existing resources that provide life-readiness modules, such as:

Grief Counseling ♦  Job readiness  ♦ Anger management  ♦ Presentation skills  ♦ Team Building  ♦ Nutrition  ♦ Budgeting, and  ♦ Countless more. We are only limited by our minds.

The Format

We will select providers carefully to align with the environment and culture of personal empowerment and uniqueness of the Light to Heal format.

A whole and healthy mindset should not be out of reach

There are many people (See ‘By the Numbers) who are facing every-day anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, and other emotions. There are an abundant more who simply need a place to re-center; many whom are hesitant to even reveal the fatigue that is upon them for fear of stigma or judgment, many who are primary caregivers; and many who are caregivers AND a past survivor.

No matter the role, the need to tap the Source of inner peace is the same.

The trouble is this: the resources that are available to some are not available to all. For those fortunate to have the means and/or to be surrounded by a loving community, the ability to recover from a setback is made less difficult. Conversely, there is a large majority who struggle for years – silently or publicly – to regain their footing, and an abundant more who spend their lifetime in recovery.  Light to Heal will be accessible to anyone, no matter what their current life situation is.

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