Huddles: A Circle of Support

Huddle up — over coffee, in a park, or on an active outing.

HOW THIS STARTED: As we waited for a third friend to arrive for our evening run; a friend and I jogged slowly around the perimeter of the park repeatedly and talked. We shared things that were going on in our lives and in the lives of loved ones. The conversation turned to how prevalent fear and judgment have become — and the desire we had to be able to share our thoughts without someone condemning them. Although we are all connected through the energy that binds us, each person has an individual journey — and no matter how similar an experience is to another  – the variables that comprise it and a person’s response makes no two journeys identical.

When our third friend joined us, we took off on the running path.  With ease, our friend entered the conversation and shared nearly identical feelings to what we were just discussing. It seemed that a safe place to get support was not easy to find. What was easy, however, was to offer insight and encouragement. It was easy not to judge because it was the conscious choice we made — to respond in love and encouragement. Sharing strategy and wisdom with open hearts and minds that were open to change.

As we talked about how fortunate we are to have the ability to find peace for our spirits through friendships, yoga, meditation, outdoor activities, our circles of faith, and more, we realized that there are many who don’t have access to these things.

That evening – the concept for Huddles was conceived.

The name was derived from the sports usage. Each member of a team has a different role to play in achieving a unified goal. Over time, they develop a deep trust for one another — they communicate, they formulate a smart approach; and when a refresher in strategy is needed, the team huddles up.

Do you seek this in your own life?

If you’re interested in Huddles, please contact us. Be a part of a community that offers safe places that encourage open hearts without judgment, and teaches each other to tap from the spark of Divinity that is within each of us.


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