I am the Chooser combines our Rushlight speaker series with our Huddles small groups, and brings to audiences the power of hope and faith through stories and breakout sessions. I am the Chooser shows how changing our thoughts can change our lives, and how by removing the negative voice in our minds that gets in the way of our potential, we can live fuller, richer lives, overcome past hurts, and progress to the lives we were meant to live.

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We have gathered stories from everyday individuals—no different from you—who overcame challenging external conditions and found peace by making choices, taking action on, listening to, and trusting that wise inner-voice.

Dennis Bayne is a former Pentecostal minister with firmly-held beliefs he began to question over time. After a remarkable encounter in the midst of a sermon, Dennis left the ministry to explore the truths within and beyond himself. He felt called to share his powerful story to reach and inspire others. He believes the heart is strengthened by stories of Faith, encouraged by stories of Hope, and sustained and nourished by stories of Love. These ingredients produce beauty in life, and are the elixir that motivates Dennis to share.

“Question everything. Understand that you are a unique individual and listen to your own inner wisdom before making decisions that can affect your very life.”  That’s what cancer taught Laura Lockie, who has been telling stories through words and music for years. Believing that we choose who we become, Laura shares her incredible story of triumph that will move and inspire you to connect to the best version of yourself. In her gentle way, she reminds us that “we grow through relationship with others, ourselves, and God.”

Many eyebrows raised when Keryl Oliver chose to leave her career as President of a multi-million dollar marketing agency, with its accompanying lifestyle, and set out on a quest to understand ‘what was this palpable extra something she could sense since childhood, but could not see?’ The journey was fraught with challenges and loss, and many times she wanted to stop, but didn’t. Her perseverance led to what she calls her greatest achievement—the discovery of “an endless Source that sustains our spirit when all else falls away. ”

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As you will soon see, there is a story behind everything.

I was contacted by a gentleman who was fighting his way out of addiction and homelessness. He knew of me from my short stint at a struggling men’s shelter in Atlanta. In April 2017, acting on the wise inner Voice we all have, he called on me as someone he trusted, to help him through a turbulent period he was facing.  As I walked alongside him during this period, I kept reminding him of one simple truth — that while he could not fully control external events he faced, he did have complete control of how he chose to respond to them. Together we examined each of his choices in this particular situation and I found that all my role required was simply to remind him. “You are the chooser, it’s your choice…” It took no time at all for him to follow suit and understand that there was much within his control of a situation he once thought he had no control over. He began to remind himself  that he had choices.  He chose to trust that things will work out; he chose to see a positive result in his mind so that his thoughts then became positive ones — understanding that where the mind goes, the body follows. He chose to stay connected to- and draw hope from- the life force we call God, and to not give power to anything negative. This gentleman will tell you that it was VERY hard but he was determined to make the right choices.

There was so much goodness in this scenario, that it drew the attention of others, who made the choice to become involved in a supportive manner. Some purchased and gave him gift cards, some helped him with pocket money, and others provided prayer and encouragement.

Before we knew it, his situation was reversed.

A Positive Response

I shared his story with a few individuals who are close to me, and received such an overwhelming response to the motivation behind the empowerment that I was now facing my own choice — Do something or do nothing.

I chose do something…and it’s coming soon.