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A little light, like a rushlight, to lead back to splendour. (Ezra Pound)

We have named our speaker series Rushlight

WHAT IS A RUSHLIGHT? In the days past, a rushlight was a poor man’s candle — made by dipping a “rush” (a reedy water plant) into melted fat, so that it would absorb the fat, and burn when lit. Those who could not afford a candle, made their own rushlights — A humble, unassuming, source of light. A beacon.

It is our hope that our speaker series, RUSHLIGHT, too will be a humble, unassuming beacon of light.

We combine our own messages of hope with others who have inspirational stories waiting to be told, and offer them in an inviting community environment.

Do you have a story to share? Do you know a person who has prevailed through faith and hope —against all odds, overcome adverse situations, or blazed a new trail?

Shine your inner light! Contact us to be a part of our speaker series.

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