Have you noticed that when a speaker is telling a story from their heart and becomes overcome with emotion, it is then the audience becomes riveted?

It is during those moments of vulnerability that the audience connects more deeply with the speaker.

Examining this further, there’s a good chance we have experienced something in our lives that makes us able to relate to an emotion we witness in another.  However, it is more than that. We can feel another person’s emotion through the connection we all share.

We are in this together. Yet we struggle with the vulnerability that comes from letting our true emotions be seen. It’s a scary thing, showing our vulnerabilities! Yet, by holding onto fear and giving it power, we go against the very essence of who we are in our purest form — love and fortitude — and we spawn a cycle of negativity that only one love can break.  The love I speak about is the one that affirms all the good within us and places our focus on responding positively in all situations  It is the one that wishes well for the people around us. It nudges you to celebrate the fact that you survived, or what happened wasn’t your doing. Most importantly, it allows you to say, “I forgive myself and I forgive them.” Love spawns forgiveness.


To become adept at choosing this mindset takes willingness, practice, and strength, but has high rewards. A simple mindset change to love and positivity can help a person overcome self-doubt, the crippling lack of motivation or worthiness, feelings of hopelessness, judgment, intolerance, and anger, and replace it with a true sense of self, acceptance, and confidence.

Whether you believe that something bigger than you exists or not, the source of this love emanates throughout everything around us. There are many names for this endless energy — the most universal being “God,”  The ability to source from this energy is available to all who choose to do so.

What do you choose?

Our thoughts are the most powerful tools we possess.

This community is about creating a change of habit in our thinking; with ways that are natural, fun, and memorable. It is our goal to bring people together to share stories and create on-the-ground programs that are accessible to all. Nothing complex; but rather a return to simple connections and interactions. Safe places to be ourselves without judgment or labels; and to lovingly share with others the lessons we have learned. To encourage personal empowerment. To connect.

We will use channels already established: Meetup, NextDoor, social media, and more, to integrate our programs. There’s a hunger for connection that is undeniable, and we find ourselves seeking but not finding.

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