Our Stories Connect Us

Speaker : Storia Group
Date : May 27, 2017.

You are already empowered

Once we understand  – and help others to understand – that the power to reach our full potentiality is already within us, our lives will become fuller and richer. We will forgive ourselves and others more readily; and we will heal our past hurts.  The endless Source of hope, love, healing, and strength is a part of who we are; it is woven into our very being. All that is required to access this Source is acknowledgement, focus, and a simple mindset change.

We invite you to step inside and learn more about becoming part of a community that supports one another, through sharing, listening, and connecting on our individual journeys. Light to Heal is a soft place to land for those who need a respite from the everyday challenges of life.  It is a place that will be developed BY community and FOR community; where individuals can navigate at their own pace in a nonlinear manner to address their unique needs — whether it is trauma, illness, loss, depression, or simply just a desire to refuel and reconnect.

This is not counseling. This is community.  Join us.

A Community of Personal Empowerment

  • Encourage Another

    Sometimes we just need to know we're not alone.

  • Start a Community Group

    Around a coffee table or on a trail, it's about the connection.

  • Submit Your Story

    You don't have to be a writer, we'll help with the editing.

  • Become a Speaker

    Your story may change a person's life for the better.